2001 VW Passat TDI

Mostly the same approach as the 1998 Passat TDI conversion, with the complication of coping with the CAN Bus system. We used and ALH engine from a 2001 Jetta TDI to pull this one off. The car came from Texas and had yet to see one New England winter, boy is it clean!

Here are some specs of the car that is Mrs. KMH’s daily driver now. Pictures are below.
ALH engine
VNT 17 Turbo
Sprint 520 Injectors
Mid muffler delete

2001 Passat TDI
2001 Passat

1998 VW Passat 1.8t to TDI

Back in 2011, I, like many others who longed for a newer replacement for the famous B4V Passat set out to create what VOA thought we would never buy. Enter the B5 Passat TDI. This is a big step up from the B4 wagon in a lot of ways. This car / engine combination was never sold here (other than 2 original B5 sedans left over from an auto show in 1998).

Here are the specs for the car, and work performed during the swap.

Body has 156k miles, originally a 1.8t
AHU Engine has 201k miles, from 98 Jetta TDI

-Timing belt, water pump, Lifters
-ALL engine seals, oil change
-Sachs Clutch kit
-Brake hoses (common B5 wear item)
-Fuel & Air filter
-Gear oil
-New Cat converter, downpipe, flex joint
-Rear struts
-Some front control arms

ALL of the accessories and option work just like from the factory
-AC, Cruise control, Multi Function Display, ABS

I’ve owned several B4 TDI’s over many years and this is a VERY different car. Much more refined, handles better, looks better, quieter, and much more resistant to rust.

I’ve put together a fact sheet to answer a lot of the questions that I’m sure will come up.

Faq Sheet Click Here
1998 Passat

                                                               Click Here to watch the MPG Video for the 1998 Passat.

Operation : Ketchup & Mustard

So Im finally doing a swap for myself, seems like one of the more increasingly popular ones nowadays. This will be a daily driver that I want to be comfortable, fast, unique, and reliable.
Here is what Im working with-
1998 GTI 2.0 body (nearly rust free!)
1998 AHU from WICKED rusty Jetta

Engine had to get torn down and bored since the timing belt broke before I got the donor. So it will be a fresh engine a spiffed up and running strong.

Ill do the usual stuff in terms of mods, nothing outragous. Well OK, I do want a side exit exhaust. Ill get nozzles, chip, maybe a different turbo, straight exhaust, VR6 clutch, and some suspension stuff.

Here is the project with the ABS deleted, pedal stuff done, ready for harness. Engine still in pieces until I finish this part.

….And for the record….I dont care what ANYONE says, I love those wheels!

This particular GTI is pretty stripped down, as most of the 2.0 ones are. Has crank windows, fixed steering column, no cruise control.

I already added cruise of course, just a an addition of a small harness to the steering column bunch.

Ill probably leave the transmission alone. Ive learned not to put too much $$$ into projects, I know you’ll not get it back when it comes to tasty little items like that.

Ill be adding “soy” to the tank, but I think thats it for the many flavors the car will have.

Interior is stock cloth DE, nice!

Specs are:
*Fully rebuilt engine, bored .5 over
*VNT 2056 from Jeep Liberty CRD
*PP502 injectors
*2.5 straight exhaust
*Volvo 740 intercooler
*45mpg and FAST!

Check out the Pictures Below of Work in Progress.

Click here for the MPG Video


image 1


Operation : Eurovan TDI Conversion

Here it is, the replacement for my ’97 passat. My wife and I wanted a vehicle with more room and I just cant stand to drive my 6.5 suburban anymore since it is always breaking and I just dont like it. Besides, towing is too much work, who needs a V8!

Got it with a bad motor, half the work was already done for me!

Will get a rebuilt 1Z motor with all AHU brains and accesories. I also have a KP-39 turbo that I got for the cost of a vnt actuator. Im in between nozzles, either sprint 520 or pp 520….

Emissions testing….ya, I have a plan for that, dont worry, its genious!

Right now Im collecting parts for the 5 spd swap and euro mounting parts.

Will need some rust repair, no rot though.

I plan on using a ctn final drive in the 01P that I acquired for $100. IIRC the 1-5 ratios are pretty similar, its just the final drive that is drasticly different between the two.

I made some progress on the front mount & turbo fabrication on ketchup & mustard so that I can get that one out of the shop and the van in.

The manual trans is an 02B. Looks like one of the codes is AYD. I know I found some web page that had the ratios listed out but I can find it anymore.

I orderd the bentley CD for the van today, so Ill have all my info once that comes. Im just shooting from the hip for now!

I guess I could go with a taller wheel / tire and that would be an easy way to a little higher ratio, and then I could do a .681 5th or so….but until I have the facts its just educated guessing.


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