KMH has a rich history of swapping engines into cars that never were available with certain powerplants.

1998 VW Passat Wagon / Originally 1.8T - Now 1.9 TDI

This was the first B5 swapped Passat in North America back in 2011, utilizing an AHU out of a 1998 Jetta. This is a pretty straight forward swap as long as you know what parts to use. There are very few custom fabricated parts under the hood, other motor mount adapters, coolant and boost pipes. The car can achieve 45mpg, haul 5 passengers, and lots of cargo in the trunk!

2001 VW Passat Wagon / Originally 1.8T - Now 1.9 TDI

Almost identical to the 1998 Wagon, we used an ALH engine from a 2002 Jetta.

1998 VW GTI / Originally 2.0 - Now 1.9 TDI

This was Keith's personal car for a couple years. We used a VNT2056 turbo from a Jeep Liberty CRD, front mount intercooler from a Volvo 740, PP502 nozzles, 2.5 inch exhaust, VR6 clutch. This car was fast, only weighing 2600lbs, probably made 190hp / 330 ft.lbs torque. We also installed H&R sport springs, Koni yellow shocks, all polyurethane bushings.

2003 Audi Allroad 6 speed / Originally 2.7tt - Now 1.9 TDI

A full PD130 drivetrain was sourced from Europe, AWX engine code. The 6 speed 01E transmission came from a 2.5 TDI A6. All the major components bolted in, wiring was a custom procedure. Though this car could achieve 40mpg, you had to drive really slow, 38mpg was more realistic. No power enhancements were made, but the AWX could still be bumped up to nearly 200 hp with fairly easy modifications.

2000 Audi A4 / Originally 2.8 V6 - Now 1.9 TDI

Similar to the previous B5 swaps, this used an ALH engine with PP520 nozzles, stage 2 tune, and a 2.5 inch exhaust. 40mpg was realistic, and power was good!

2004 Passat 4motion / Originally 1.8T - Now 1.9 TDI

This was probably the hardest swap both electrically and mechanically. The Passat electronics were actually more complicated to adapt than the Allroad the drivetrains were identical however. This car got the same AWX drivetrain as Allroad, but used a 1.9TDI transmission with slightly lower gearing. We sourced a proper Passat TDI gauge cluster and matched the mileage etc. so the car look completely factory correct.

1997 Audi A4 Racecar / Originally 1.8T - Now 4.2 ABZ

This is a 24 Hours of Lemons race car. Its cheap, its simple, and we beat the bag out of it for a few days every year. Now that we have been racing it for a few years, we have pretty much sorted out all the aspects of making this a reliable and fast race car.

B5 S4 front brakes, B6 S4 rear brakes, all polyurethane suspension bushings, Neuspeed race springs, Bilstein Sport shocks, Neuspeed rear sway bar. Full roll cage, fire suppression system, 5 point harness. We usually run Kumho V720 255/40/17 which I would highly recomend. Engine is all stock aside from a cone filter, and a 3" exhaust. 300hp / 300 torque stock but the motor is SOOOOO smooth, reliable, predictable. When you are going full throttle for literally 6 hours straight, you need something solid, and the 4.2 always delivers.

2006 VW Touareg V10 TDI

This vehicle was getting the turbos, exhaust manifold, and many small parts replaced "while it was out". We also fabricated downpipes, EGR delete, and did a muffler delete. Malone stage 1 was also done at this time. Fun fact: All VAG group vehicles with more than 8 cylinders have 2 ECU's, one for each bank.